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Comprehensive Consulting and Coaching Services

We offer unparalleled consultation and coaching services to prepare our students for top-tier colleges and boarding schools.

The key to success in today's highly competitive admissions scene lies in marketing yourself as a distinguished leader standing out from the large pool of qualified applicants.

This certainly cannot be achieved through factory-made, one-size-fits-all types of approaches. Test scores, academic performance, community engagement and diverse activities sure do matter; dutifully completing these tasks, however, is simply not enough.

Every aspect of a successful application must contribute to painting a consistent picture of the applicant while building a powerful and authentic narrative shedding light on one's unique background, experiences, qualities, passions and vision.

Our programs are designed to guide our students to build a strong portfolio while exploring their passions, to reflect on themselves in ways never done before, to unlock their potential and discover their truest colors. 

Let us show you the power of education in its truest form.


US Boarding Schools

Boarding School Applicant Packages

We offer US boarding and private school admissions consultation services to students in grades 4 - 9.


University Applicant Packages

We offer comprehensive university admissions consultation services to students in grades 7 - 12.

Premium Plans

Personalized Programs

We offer personalized consultation services to accommodate the diverse needs of our students.

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